Buying and Building

So if you are looking for a more personalised home, buying land and building one is the way to go. Here on the Gold Coast there are a number of ways to materialise your dream home with opportunities popping up all the time.

Read on to discover three ways of buying and building and how they could work for you.

Buying an Existing Home on a Large Block

A great way to create a property that is your own is to purchase an existing home on a large block. Here you have the room to add an extension, subdivide or knock-down and rebuild.

An extension is a beautiful way to marry the charm of older properties and the luxuries we can now add into new builds. Many choose to keep the classic look of a home towards the front and extend out the back maintaining a heritage frontage while adding as much functionality as possible. Aesthetically these homes can be architectural masterpieces.

Subdivision, dividing your land into multiple lots as approved by the council, allows you to build the home of your dreams on one area of the land and also set up one or several investment properties. This is a lucrative opportunity and great if you are wanting to get your foot in the investment property market.

Knockdown rebuilds are exactly what they sound like, demolishing an existing home to build a brand new one. This is a particularly good choice when looking at homes that are no longer in viable living condition, usually these homes are priced low which works well in your favour when wanting to build.

Buying Land

This option is the most customisable buying and building plan you could choose. Here you have the opportunity to be a part of the process from the very start. You get to have a hand in designing the home, choosing the finishes, adding speciality features, the list goes on.

An important thing to think about with buying land and then building a property is to choose your builder wisely. We have seen a few companies collapse over the last few years so be sure to choose a strong pillar in the building community that has stood the test of time and has proved solid in the changing economic landscape, or a boutique building agency that takes on a select amount of builds each year, this way you are sure not to fall to the wayside.

If you decide to build within an estate you may be required to maintain a certain level of cohesion with other properties in the area which can place a limit on your home but also gives you a tangible guide if you are uncertain about any aspects to include or discard. If you build in a location that has no restrictions, bar the council requirements, the sky’s the limit! Around the Gold Coast there are a number of amazing properties built with unique materials, unexpected finishes and architectural excellence – these could all be yours when you buy land and build separately

Buying House and Land Packages

A more simple way to build is to choose a property in a development off the plan or to purchase a house and land package. This takes the guesswork out of building with your builder, plans, and design all finalised and ready to go. This pathway also consolidates your expenses and generally protects you from any surprise excess payments.

In this scenario the designs you can choose from are generally ideal for the location and position of the blocks available. Here the home is sure to be cohesive with the landscape and other properties in the estate or complex. You will have less licence over the build, but there are usually inclusions you can add or remove to your taste.

Our Available Opportunities

The Nathan Simon Property Team currently have several opportunities available for buying and building all over the Gold Coast. If you’re looking for luxury estate living, a block is currently available at Calypso Bay in Jacobs Well, as well as several waterside and golf side lots on offer in Sanctuary Cove.

Also in Sanctuary Cove Horizon, a brand-new release of residences, is currently underway. A brand new riverside estate is under construction in Nerang called Riverina, this currently has house and land packages available, as well as just land if you want to custom build.

If you’re looking to develop, Nathan has a large development site available in Upper Coomera.

Additionally, the team often have older properties come to market in Jacobs Well and outer Pimpama, perfect for extending or subdividing. If any of these caught your eye, get in touch with the team today.

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